I had 3 dreams...

The first, an older man was standing in the sea. The water came to the bottom of his surfer like shorts, with the palm trees on it. He held up a fruit, a red fruit. It was tropical. Then in a second dream he was there again and I asked, "Aren't you the same guy I saw in the sea?" He smiled.
But he juggled the fruit. It was something I was supposed to be eating due to my health.

Dream 2: There was a bomb drop in the U.S. I'm used to war dreams in other countries, this was different. There was One Very Large BOOM like louder than a transformer sounds when it explodes. At first people were confused, thinking anything it could be...then it hit, it was a bomb.

Dream 3: Restaurants were being bought out by Gov. money, chains. The corporate restaurants were pot stiring or doing something along the line of a word called Urban sprawl...basically taking people employees and placing them specifically in areas like a quiet small town, but someone from the bronx or just something like pot-stiring...specifically looking for areas to cause controversy. They received some type of tax write-off for it.

Yucky dreams I'm afraid, but want to find out what that fruit was... confused

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