I remember two dreams.

A zombie apocalypse had happened. I was able to find others that were not affected and we ended up in a shopping mall. When we were sure it was completely secured and that we would be able to survive there a long time I decided to do what I was about to do before it all happened which was put all the options for a decision on pieces of paper then mix it all and pick one with my eyes closed, I did it and was happy with the result but not the date so I decided to do it all over again. All that was done while they could see what I was doing, at first I thought that I did not care about anyone else knowing but then I was so I tried to hide it. Then someone in the group decided that we should keep a schedule for everyone which I thought was a good idea until showers were involved there, she wanted just one person per day to take showers and I said that there was no way that I would go days without taking one (water was not in restriction - we even were doing washes and this too came into question and i said that i was used to washing my bedding every sunday and that would not change either). I went to take a shower after that to show that person.

All I remember is that Maximus (Russell Crowe) was in it and that at one point he wanted to fight (gladiator style i think) and everyone thought he was too old but he said no and he was able to show them.