I remember one dream.

I was walking with my mom and she was freezing. It was not Winter but it was cold and she was only wearing a short sleeves shirt. When we were near our house we were supposed to continue walking and I said oh I will go get something and she said okay. It was our Saint-Hubert house. I entered and went to my bedroom with my shoes on eventhough we take our shoes off in our home. When I was where my bedroom is there were a lot of things right where my door is, I was able to walk through it and searched for a sweatshirt to give my mom. I ended up only finding two and took one and gave it to my mom who at first did not want to take it. Then I was in my living room having to go up again. A man was near the stairs working, he was installing something from Hydro Quebec and it was supposed to take just a few seconds. I started to go up the stairs and almost at the middle he was there, I said I'm sorry and he made sure I had space to go up then he was near the end of the stairs, there he was using an electric tool and again I said I'm sorry and he made sure I was able to go up but I got something in my eyes and that woke me up.