I was in bed for less than ten hours. Spent some time to fall asleep then woke up with a very bad heartburn, I slept after that but I woke up a few times. I remember my last dream.

Me and my parents were in the house (it was here but the house was our old house and the outside was our old city). My dad tool the binoculars and started looking at what everyone else were doing. He was laughing at the neighbors he does not like and suddendly he saw others that he does not know coming home with bags of grocery, that made him angry. He started complaining that it was not fair that they would get accolades for buying local that only he should get these accolades because he was her for less time than all the people living here. He came out of the house and confronted a couple. I took the binoculars and when I saw that he went on their porch and got in their faces yelling I went over there. When I got there he was in their house yelling and in their face. I told him to stop that he was in their home and that was not okay. He then said oh of course you are always against me everyone has always been against me and then then sit on the floor like a child throwing a tantrum complaining and almost crying.