I remember two dreams.

I was walking in what seemed a hill but it was a street, many people were around and we all could see with a long screen a Horse race while we were walking up or down that steep street and suddenly there was an accident in that race, a Horse and the jockey fell and they slid across a long stretch of the track and when they moved we could see that the parts of the bodies that slid were gone. The Horse had almost nothing left on the tummy and legs and the man had almost nothing left in the face parts. It was disgusting and while we watched in horror other accidents like that happened and this was the same results with these Horses and jockeys.

I was a spy and my mission was to get a man. I ended up in his place and before being killed I asked for him saying that I was in search of something special and that I was given his name and told that he would either have it or know how to find it. It worked and I ended up in the room he was and while looking everywhere I said that I was impressed with all his archaeological finds and that myself had a few and was searching for one in particular (i told him and when i told him i could see that object in the bottom of a body of water [me dreaming not me in the dream]) then I told him that I was an accountant but one of many rich people who paid more than usual because they had a lot to hide so that money was not an issue to get that object. He seemed impressed by me. All the while I was talking I was walking around and looking at his things and sometimes I would look at him.