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9 hours ago
What's in the sky this week? Steve Cariddi says:
This week the Moon is nearly full (officially full on Wednesday) and by week's end it is a waning gibbous, rising a few hours after sunset and visible until past sunrise. In the early evening sky, try to spot Jupiter low in the west-southwest immediately after sunset. Saturn is easier to spot about 45-minutes after sunset, a bright yellow "star" north of the Sagittarius teapot asterism, low in the southwest. As night falls, Mars is prominent in the southern sky.
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9 hours ago
Autumn begins on the equinox, the day the Sun crosses the equator. The earliest known civilizations celebrated the equinoxes, and they're still celebrated in many places. One of the biggest autumn celebrations is the Chinese Moon Festival. A traditional Chinese garden has a moon-watching pavilion.

Autumn Equinox
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10 hours ago
On this day in 1910 - October 19th - Indian-American astrophysicist and Nobel laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was born.

He's known for his work in stellar evolution, including the Chandrasekhar Limit. That is the dividing line between the mass of a star that has spent its nuclear fuel and will collapse into a white dwarf and one massive enough to go out with a bang - a supernova. It's about 1.4 times the Sun's mass.
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Drama Movies
18 hours ago
Of all the films I've viewed over the past year, Benedikt Erlingsson's "Of Horses and Men" was one of my favorites. Erlingsson's new film "Woman at War" is Iceland's official entry for the 2019 Academy Awards. The film has screened at numerous festivals but has been given no US release date yet. The trailer is online, however. Woman at War Official Trailer Of Horses and Men Film Review
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Yesterday at 06:51 PM
"You cannot create a life of peace if you are living in your past or thinking about your future."

~ Trey Malicoat
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Christian Living
10/20/18 08:56 PM

Let's talk about the first woman.

Eve, What Were You Thinking ?
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10/19/18 08:46 AM
We're used to a tidy Solar System. But there are some pretty strange planets orbiting stars far, far away. On one it doesn't rain water, it rains rock. Another has the density of cork. Some have two suns. And what would you do with a diamond the size of a planet?

Exotic Exoplanets Tour
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10/19/18 08:13 AM
Orchids dying despite high humidity. What could be the cause? Some possibilities have been listed.
You are welcome to put in your thoughts too.

Rains, Humidity And Orchids
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10/18/18 05:35 PM
In applique, fabric pieces are folded and tucked at the edges to create desired shapes, traditionally hand stitched onto a base fabric, today often machine stitched in place. Applique has many uses, to strengthen worn clothing, patch obvious holes and tears or simply beautiful ornamentation.

Applique Methods
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10/18/18 08:41 AM
M15, a dense globular star cluster of over 100,000 stars, is 13 billion years old. It formed in the early years of our Galaxy as one of around 170 globular star clusters in the halo of the Milky Way.

M15 is about 35,000 light years away in the constellation Pegasus. (The spiky stars are much closer, in the foreground.) Although it's about 200 light years across, over half of the stars are densely packed in the central 10 light years. It's one of the densest concentrations of stars known. Hubble-based measurements of the increasing velocities of M15's central stars are evidence that a massive black hole resides at the center of dense globular cluster M15.

Image Credit & Copyright: Bernhard Hubl (CEDIC)
Description: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (UMCP)
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Digital Art and Design
10/18/18 08:00 AM
Over a year ago, Facebook introduced a new feature that made animators very happy. It’s called the Facebook Video Cover. Yes, you can replace your still cover image at the top of your Facebook page with a moving video.

Facebook Video Cover
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Self Development
10/17/18 10:03 PM
Play is important not only for humans but for others across the animal kingdom. Young (and older) animals learn through play. Play allows them to develop new skills, to learn about their environment and to pick up numerous attributes including communication, bonding, respect, etc. It is such a pity when people lose the desire to play in their daily life or even forget how to do it. Do you have any tips for keeping playful no matter your age?
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10/17/18 12:34 AM
What is your preference, and why? Let's chat!
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10/16/18 09:02 AM
Hello there Connie,

This is a TERRIBLE idea - whoever heard of having sweet treats anywhere let alone after a delish Connie-Sandwich-Meal? You are waylaying the innocent! You are enhancing lifestyle statistics! You are willfully sending subscribers to the Bella online obesity and diet sites! It is your fault that thousands of people, having eaten and raided the fridge, are SMILING!

What have you got to say for yourself?

Oh well! Ah nuts! I may as well come clean. I saw. I made. It conquered.

No sandwich required. Hmmm.

Container Gardening.
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Short Stories
10/16/18 02:14 AM
The Other Wife by Colette
L'Autre Femme — 1922, translated The Other Woman or The Other Wife, was authored by French writer, Colette. It’s an excellent example of a vignette. In this article, we explore the author, story, and style of literature as well as a current movie about Colette’s life.
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Drama Movies
10/16/18 01:42 AM
The Museum of Modern Art announced today that filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be the recipient of its 2018 Film Benefit award. In addition to a gala on November 19th, MoMA will be screening Scorsese's New York films from October 30th through November 7th. Scorsese is being honored for his work as a director and as a film preservationist. His organization The Film Foundation works to restore and preserve films and educate students about the history of American cinema.
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Drama Movies
10/16/18 01:30 AM
Viggo Mortensen will direct and star in a film titled "Falling". Mortensen wrote the screenplay, as well. "Falling" is a family drama set in California and will co-star Sverrir Gudnason (who played Bjorn Borg in "Borg vs. McEnroe) and Lance Henriksen.
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Civil Rights
10/15/18 11:36 PM
We all sometimes have racist thoughts.

Some people in recent threads argue vehemently that their viewpoint is not at all racist, even when fairly objectively the rest of the viewers can see that it is. I think it's important for us to accept that none of us are perfect. We are all products of our flawed culture, our imperfect parents, and heck the way genetics work. I think it's better to say "I might have challenges to work on" vs saying "I am an absolutely perfect human being and my life view is 100% accurate."

In the interest of fostering helpful communication, I'll reveal a few issues of my own I've found, on self-examination.

First, I love dressing in outfits from around the world. I always have. In high school I went to school in a Mexican dress I bought in Mexico and was ridiculed. "Look, it's the Chiquita Banana." I own a number of dresses like this traditional Chinese one. I adore wearing them. My own ethnic heritage is half Ukrainian and then a hodge-podge of German, English, Native American, African American, Irish, you name it. I grew up dancing Ukrainian dances and I own several Ukrainian outfits. But that's just a part of what I enjoy. I enjoy it all. I love celebrating all cultures around the world. I love us being one enormous amazing world.

In May 2018, a white teen wore a similar dress to a prom and many people were furious. They said she didn't have the right to wear it. It made me really think about the issue. I am not wearing this dress to "pretend to be Chinese" - it is that I adore their culture as I adore many cultures and respect their skill. It's the same reason I wear a Chinese necklace sometimes. But I can also appreciate that it bothers some Chinese who feel their culture is being "stolen" by those "in power". I do my best to hear that message. Here's the link.

Do you ever sit down and consider how your views of others might be a healthy or unhealthy thing?


[Linked Image]
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Natural Living
10/14/18 05:32 AM
Are you feeling a little low? If so, you don't always need to run to the doctor to get medication for it. There are some great ways to boos the mood naturally! This article talks about some of the best.

Ways To Boost Mood Naturally
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10/13/18 08:08 PM
I have just posted a new article about mountain biking opportunities in Florida. I would be interested to know if any readers participate in this sport, and, if so, what is/are your favorite place/s to ride.
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Christian Living
10/13/18 07:16 PM
The crowd pushed and shoved to get closer to Jesus. All her money had gone to the doctors, all promising to cure her. She needed the healing only Jesus could give.

Healed by Faith
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Drama Movies
10/12/18 07:46 PM
The American Film Institute Film Festival, known as AFI Fest, has announced its lineup for 2018. Included is the world premiere of director Susanne Bier's "Bird Box", a dystopian thriller starring Sandra Bullock. There will also be a screening of Karyn Kusama's crime drama "Destroyer", starring Nicole Kidman. The AFI Fest runs November 8th through the 15th in Los Angeles. "Bird Box" will be in theaters on December 21st and "Destroyer" opens on December 25th.
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Drama Movies
10/11/18 09:11 PM
A new documentary examining the legacy of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman is being released in the US on November 2nd. The doc is directed by Margarethe von Trotta (I reviewed her film "Hannah Arendt" on the Drama Movies site). "Film is a distributor of dreamers and of dreams," said Bergman--a beautiful definition I think. Searching for Ingmar Bergman Trailer
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10/10/18 10:12 PM
For warmth and simplicity using fleece to construct simple Halloween costumes can't be beat. Fleece fabric is economical, easy to sew or no sew, and creative ideas are always available online to spark the imagination.

Quick Fleece Halloween Costumes
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10/10/18 08:02 PM

Forgot to say that that is a brilliant article Mona, thanks for posting the link.

Am happy that the truth is getting out there at last.
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