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20 minutes ago
David Scott set the Fallen Astronaut and plaque on the ground on the rim of Hadley Rille. A rille is a long deep valley that may be straight or winding. Rille comes from the German word for groove and the term was applied to these features as they were observed telescopically at the beginning of the 19th century.

Hadley Rille is a V-shaped valley winding for more than 100 km (60 mi). It's 1.5 km (0.9 mile) wide and 400 metres (1,300 feet) deep.
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52 minutes ago
Whether a sewing beginner or master of advanced techniques or anywhere in-between stitching by hand takes on an almost meditative quality. Sewing or mending by hand allows for a relaxed attentive focus as the eyes and hands work together in quiet contemplation.

Stitching by Hand
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Self Development
5 hours ago
Continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday watched may 8 [5] and most of may 9 [5] there was 6 new and 1 was a double).
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5 hours ago
Yesterday it was changing and windy.

At night it was windy.

When I went to bed it was windy.

When I got up it was sunny and windy.
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5 hours ago
Yesterday I went to bed at 1:35 and got up at 11:23. I got one information, wrote one note, got one information, checked three things and deleted one picture (another animated comic that became the background of the day since the days comic was not out yet) and started the anti-virus, checked Windows for updates (0), changed one note and deleted one link, changed one note and deleted one link, received a letter, called the number (got a voice message and did not leave a message), sent an email to there (did not see we could reply by email because otherwise i would of done it from the start), received a reply, changed one note and deleted one link, checked one thing and did one search and added one picture, changed one note and deleted one link, changed two notes and deleted one link, started the Defender, changed one note and deleted one link, changed the place of one link and checked one thing and changed two notes, changed one note and deleted one link, calculated one thing and changed one note, changed one note and deleted one link, changed six notes, changed one note and deleted one link, checked one thing and changed one note, changed one note and deleted one link, changed two notes, changed one note and deleted one link, added one picture, started the anti-malwares, watched Beat Bobby Flay at 22:00, changed six notes and added six links and checked seven things and calculated four things and deleted one link, deleted one picture. It was a melatonin night and a very bad day.
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Low Carb
5 hours ago
Yesterday I had Orange Maison grape juice, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with two toasts made with Gadoua white bread (no crusts - butter), Unico light tuna (first time eating it - i love it - now i have 6 small cans of tuna that i like), Coaticook vanilla ice cream, white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and one slice of bacon cooked in the grease, white rice with the rest of the green onion and white mushrooms pan fried in butter and tomato paste.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.
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6 hours ago
I remember one dream.

I am used to weird dreams but that one was something else plus I do not remember much. At one point it had to do with dad and his deceased brother who I think was still dead there then he was acting more than idiotic and decided to lay near a door and sleep there until something, when he was doing this and before I looked at mom and she motioned or said very low to let him do it. Then I realised I would be alone for a while. Then I got a call from my old dentist and he had a place for me that afternoon and I accepted it because it was important but then I felt bad because I would lose alone time. Then I wondered how I would go there since I was far (nearer in that dream to Montreal than in real life but farther than when i lived there). Then when I was about to leave (at that point that room was exactly like in the Saint-Hubert house) when about to open the door I jumped and screamed because a friend of my brother was coming in, I asked him what he was doing while he was turning back (he was angry or and annoyed when he saw me) and he said that my brother let him do that every day. This is all I remember.
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6 hours ago
Summer Solstice Prayer:

In thankfulness we lift our eyes
With loving thoughts in heart
We give thanks for all things good
For blessings the Creator imparts.
Let our hearts be ever glad
For beauty that abounds
And gives a taste of heaven's glory
When summer comes around.

By Susan Helene Kramer
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6 hours ago
Mona, Happy Summer Solstice! Blessings to all …
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11 hours ago
On this day in 2009 – June 18th – NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) were launched.

The LCROSS mission confirmed the presence of water in a shadowed crater on the Moon. LRO is still mapping the Moon.

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Fashion Jewelry
16 hours ago
It is really depends on the way you purchase . You could read my blog[url=https://www.sunflowerring.com/2018/06/19/buying-jewelry-online-6-steps-to-make-it-safer]TIP FOR HOW TO SHOP JEWELRY ONLINE[/url]
Wish it could help.
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Sleep Disorders
Yesterday at 05:17 PM
It took effect again quickly but a little less quickly and this time the first effects were feeling weird on my right then having my head spin, in bed I felt weird and that was about it, I fell asleep quicker than the first time and fell back asleep more, so 1/2ml did not worked all night but it worked better.
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Yesterday at 09:21 AM
They may look like round rocks, but they're alive. Moreover, they are modern versions of one of the oldest known forms of life: stromatolites. Fossils indicate that stromatolites appeared on Earth about 3.7 billion years ago -- even before many of the familiar stars in the modern night sky were formed. In this image taken in Western Australia, only the ancient central arch of our Milky Way Galaxy formed earlier. Even the Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies of our Milky Way and visible in the featured image below the Milky Way's arch, didn't exist in their current form when stromatolites first grew on Earth. Stromatolites are accreting biofilms of billions of microorganisms that can slowly move toward light. Using this light to liberate oxygen into the air, ancient stromatolites helped make Earth hospitable to other life forms including, eventually, humans.

Image Credit & Copyright: Jingyi Zhang
Text: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (UMCP)
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06/18/18 09:27 PM
I'm currently creating a capelet that's going to have a customized border added. Have you ever done this? Let's discuss!
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06/18/18 09:23 PM
Do you chant "OM" when doing asana? Is it part of your practice? Why or why not? Let's discuss this!
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06/18/18 11:06 AM
In 2001 Mars was engulfed in a planet-wide dust storm.
These two Hubble Space Telescope storm watch images from late June and early September offer dramatically contrasting views of the Martian surface. At left, the onset of smaller "seed" storms can be seen near the Hellas basin (lower right edge of Mars) and the northern polar cap. A similar surface view at right, taken over two months later, shows the fully developed extent of the obscuring global storm.

Text: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (UMCP)

There's another big one brewing now on Mars.

Image Credit: J. Bell (ASU), M. Wolff (Space Science Inst.), Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA), NASA
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06/18/18 04:20 AM
A big one almost gave me a heart attack a few minutes ago! I was going upstairs to start my night routine and there it was on the floor near the stairs! I have no idea how I was able to not drop what I had in my hands which include a big plate! Was able to get rid of it all then found a mop and then the courage to get it and it jumped on the mop! I used so much force when I finally got it under it that there are pieces everywhere! The worst parts are that I was right next to it when I saw it and when I came back with the mop it had not moved but it was ready with it's leg in a v form!
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Digital Art and Design
06/18/18 02:30 AM
One task that takes up a lot of time is creating social post graphics for all of your blog articles. Whether you are using Canva, Adobe Spark or Photoshop on your computer, starting with a custom template can shorten this task to just a few clicks. So what should you include in a template.

Social Media Graphic Templates
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06/17/18 05:07 PM
Happy Father's Day!
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06/17/18 03:24 PM
"Letting go helps us to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress."

~ Melody Beattie
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06/17/18 09:09 AM
So many dads have been given ties for Father's Day that there are cartoons about Father's Day ties. This one is by Randall McIlwaine.

The Galaxy is ready for this: the Bow Tie Nebula (PGC 3074547) is about 5000 light years away in the constellation Centaurus (the Centaur). It's a young planetary nebula and one of the coldest natural objects ever found.

Credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
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Christian Living
06/16/18 05:33 PM
Father’s Day is a man’s holiday, whether they are fathers, have fathers, or will be fathers. This article is about men in general because many of my single women friends are thinking about the man who will someday fill the husband spot in their lives, possibly the future father of children.

Read it here:

The Blessed Man
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Drama Movies
06/15/18 09:07 PM
Writer-director Shana Feste has a new film, "Boundaries", in theaters on June 22nd. When asked what advice she would give female directors, Feste replied "I think the smartest thing I did was to work with other women. I’ve only worked with women producers and it has always been an amazing experience. So my advice to the women reading this would be to work with and support other women!"
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Blogs & Social Networking
06/15/18 07:10 PM
When on Care2 I would spend hours there, it was worth it since so much good happened but also it drove me insane because of how they did not care about their members so I had to leave. Here I come here once in a while, I started about two years ago to go through every pages starting with the first category and look into every threads but like I said I do not spend too much time doing that, some days I come here more and some days not. In my first years on the internet I would spend hours on Yahoo. Now the website I go to the most is Youtube for the videos and yes comments (a lot of idiocies but also it can be super fun reading online comments).
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Body Art
06/15/18 07:04 PM
I love tribal tattoos
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