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Serger Stitches and Thread Tension Cheryl - Sewing Editor Yesterday at 08:09 PM
In trying to decipher optimal sewing machine tension for fabric, as if needle and thread choices were not enough for the home sewer, the serger or overlock machine elevates all, at times frustratingly, to an entirely new level of machine sewing considerations. Balanced serger stitches are the goal.

Serger Stitches and Thread Tension
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Re: Psalm for the day Angie Yesterday at 01:15 PM
"Keep me safe, O God; in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, you are my Lord, you are my only good." Psalm 16:1-2
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Re: 2023 - on this day in the past . . . Mona - Astronomy Yesterday at 05:25 AM
On this day in 1992 – June 7th – the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) was launched.

This NASA space telescope was the first one designed especially for the short-wave ultraviolet range. It compiled an all-sky survey of 801 astronomical targets.
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Re: Inspiration Quote Angie 06/06/23 12:26 PM
"Enough" is a feast.

Buddhist proverb

This Buddhist proverb emphasizes the idea that contentment and satisfaction come from appreciating what we already have, and not always seeking more. Buddhism adheres closely to the concept that desiring more than what we have causes suffering. It instead emphasizes nonattachment, which suggests that we should not cling to material possessions or experiences, as these things are often out of our control, and the constant longing for them can lead to dissatisfaction. Instead, we should aim to cultivate inner peace and contentment through acceptance and gratitude for what we already have.
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Re: Garden Wisdom Angie 06/06/23 12:20 PM
Love the quote - so true.
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Re: Amaryllis - A symbol of Creativity? Angie 06/06/23 12:19 PM
I have an amarylis that was given to me Christmas 2021. I had hoped it would bloom again in 2022 but it has 4 leaves and that it is.
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Virtual Pitch 2023 - Sell Your Movie/TV Idea Angela - Drama Movies 06/06/23 03:10 AM
ScreenCraft's Virtual Pitch Competition is now open. This is a great opportunity for anyone in the US, or the world for that matter, because you don't need to be in Los Angeles to win. The first step is to pitch your idea in written form, no more than 350 words. If you are selected as a finalist, you get two minutes to sell your idea to industry pros in a virtual presentation. It costs $24.50 to enter. The first deadline is June 30th. Go to ScreenCraft.org for more details and to enter.
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Re: Quote for the week Angie 06/05/23 09:15 PM
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Re: Astro Women - Birthdays Mona - Astronomy 06/04/23 01:26 PM
Erika Böhm-Vitense was born Erika Helga Ruth Vitense on June 3, 1923 in Kurau (now Stockelsdorf), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

She began her undergraduate studies at University of Tübingen, but moved to Kiel University in 1945 for its stronger astronomy department. After completing her undergraduate degree in 1948, she stayed on for graduate studies. Not only did she complete her doctorate degree three years later, but she was also awarded the university's prize for the best Ph.D. thesis. She then stayed at Kiel as a research associate, Two years after receiving her Ph.D., she published The hydrogen convection zone of the Sun. This is one of her most famous works as it has been cited at least 287 times since its publication.

In 1954 she married fellow student Karl-Heinz Böhm and afterwards was known as Erika Böhm-Vitense. The pair visited Lick Observatory and the University of California, Berkeley for a year. Upon their return to Kiel, her husband, who was also an astrophysicist, was given a tenure track position, but she was not. The same situation applied when they went to Heidelberg.

In 1968, they went to the University of Washington in Seattle where Erika started as Senior Research Associate. She was later awarded a full-time professor position in 1971, eventually becoming a professor emeritus.
During her time at the University of Washington, she made fundamental contributions to the understanding of Cepheid variable stars, stellar binaries, stellar temperatures, chromospheric activity, rotation, and convection. She has over 300 academic papers on the Harvard Astrophysics Data System, of which she is the first author on more than two-thirds of these publications.

Erika was also awarded the Annie Jump Cannon Prize from the American Astronomical Society in 1965, and the Karl Schwarzschild Medal from the Astronomische Gesellschaft in 2003. The latter is most prestigious prize in Germany in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

Erika Böhm-Vitense continued to live in Seattle until her death in 2017 at the age of 93.
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Unlock the potential of blockchain with BigSale. Jamal molla 06/03/23 02:48 PM
Create secure tokens, launch projects, and secure funding through crowdfunding on our decentralized platform. We prioritize security, ensuring your tokens are safe and verified. With code auditing and project incubation, we provide the support you need to succeed.

Join the revolution at [url=https://bigsale.finance]BigSale.finance[/url] and be part of the future of decentralized technology.

#Blockchain #Crypto #BigSaleFinance

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FamilySearch Angie 06/03/23 12:41 PM
FamilySearch.org is a wonderful resource. The LDS have microfilmed so many courthouse records and many have become available to use online. There was a courthouse fire recently in Georgia and fortunately the old records had been microfilmed. The newer records were not but I hope the court had digitized them and saved them on servers somewhere. But if you go to their site, log in (you must register but it is FREE), click on the SEARCH tab and choose Catalog and type in your county or city where you want to research. Some records are online but some are only viewable at one of the research/stake libraries or at an affiliate library (my neighborhood library is an affilate).

If you're so inclined, you can transcribe sets of records so that they become indexed.

Happy hunting.
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Re: groaners Angie 06/03/23 12:33 PM
What bird is that whose name represents nothing, twice yourself, and fifty? (Hint: Think letters.)

Owl (O-U-U-L)
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Shibori Tie Dyeing Cheryl - Sewing Editor 05/31/23 10:36 PM
Shibori is a Japanese hand dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth, binding it, then dyeing using an indigo dye. Different than the multi-colored tie-dyeing psychedelic creations of the anti-establishment youth of the 1960's, Shibori uses indigo dye on light colored cloth.

Shibori Tie Dyeing
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Re: Naming Names - Quiz *new* Angie 05/31/23 12:38 PM
When it comes to the names of moons and stars and some planets, I'm lost in space LOL. I'm happy to know the names of some of the astronomers.
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Re: politics & media Angie 05/30/23 07:20 PM
Yesterday was Memorial Day - our local TV station carried the event on the news:
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Review Create a Grid System by Rob Sutcliffe Digital Art and Animation 05/28/23 01:03 AM
In this Skillshare course, entitled Create a Grid System, Rob Sutcliffe covers creating and using grid systems for mobile and web design. This course is part of a series entitled UI Design Bootcamp also by Rob Sutcliffe.

Review Create a Grid System by Rob Sutcliffe
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Review Layout Design Theory Create Strong Designs Digital Art and Animation 05/28/23 01:01 AM
In this course, entitled Layout Design Theory - Create Strong Designs, Lindsay Marsh explores the best practices for building strong and unifying layouts. She shares her process for using a grid system to block out each design element. She covers several examples, including editorial and UX design.

Review Layout Design Theory Create Strong Designs
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Preinstalled GoodNotes Papers Digital Art and Animation 05/28/23 12:57 AM
In this tutorial, we will create a GoodNotes notebook for studying the preinstalled papers in GoodNotes. We will include the built-in papers for the lined, squared, dotted and column papers. We will also add monthly and weekly calendars.

Preinstalled GoodNotes Papers
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Re: Newspapers Angie 05/27/23 01:51 AM
llLOL, prices, yes, - $3000 for a car but even then that was a lot of money. Fashions, fun things kids were doing in school; and information about road projects that did come to pass; an annexation issue between the county and the city; all very fascinating. Fun also were marriage notices for people who I met years later.
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Re: 20 Steps to Better Schools Angie 05/25/23 10:26 PM
What do you think about all the problems in education today?
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Gift/Book Shop Angie 05/25/23 10:15 PM
I got hooked into helping with my church gift/book shop. It has been an education figuring out what to purchase for the shop. My parish is heavily Spanish and that has added to the education.
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Re: What's in your closet? Angie 05/25/23 10:12 PM
I don't think I have purchased any new clothing in three years. Covid changed the way I dress and how I view my needs. It is time though to check my closet - some items are looking a bit worn. I get enough catalogs in the mail to see what is being featured.
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Re: Holidays Angie 05/25/23 10:08 PM
LOL, we came home in mid January. My Christmas tree is still up and decorated. In five months it will be time to put it up so I'm ahead of the game, I think. My neighbor told me they left their Christmas lights up in the windows but that does look nice when I drive home and pass their house in the evening.
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Re: Best Journal Apps Angie 05/25/23 10:06 PM
Two years since I posted the previous note. I do some blogging but it could be journaling if I wanted to post publicly. I use WordPress for the blog.
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Re: What's the WEATHER like your way? Angie 05/25/23 10:02 PM
there is a chill in the air and rain is expected. Crazy weather.
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Unlock the potential of blockchain with BigSale.
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