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Stress Management
6 minutes ago
Tomorrow if tonight my insomnia is gone I will do a few things to prepare a vacation from the internet if it is still there then later today if what I check (a house that would be perfect - checked it a while ago and it was still there) is gone then tomorrow I will pick a date to start that offline time and if it is still there I will do the second parts of the restart tomorrow.
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9 minutes ago
Yesterday it was sunny and windy.

At night it was windy.

When I went to bed it was windy and the sun was somewhat risen.

When I got up it was sunny and windy.
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Self Development
10 minutes ago
Continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday finished july 7 [1 - it was deleted but found right away] all of 8 [0 so an extra] and 9 [0 so an extra] there was 2 new), check if something (a house that would be perfect) is still available (havent in a while) and continue with the game.
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13 minutes ago
Yesterday I went to bed at 5:13 and got up at 13:38. I checked three things and added one picture and deleted one picture and started the anti-virus, changed one note and deleted one link, changed two notes and calculated one thing and checked one thing and changed the place of one link, played the game once (lost), checked Windows for updates (0), started the Defender, changed one note and deleted one link, played the game once (lost), changed the place of one link and changed two notes, changed two notes, played the game once (lost), changed two notes, changed one note and deleted one link, did one search and changed the place of one link and calculated one thing and checked three things and changed two notes, changed two notes and calculated one thing and did one search and added one link, got one information and changed two notes, checked two things, started the anti-malwares, watched one of my favorites movie from start to finish at 0:15, changed five notes and added two links and checked two things and calculated three things, did one search and deleted one picture, put cuticle and nail oil on my toe nails and cuticles. It was a bad night and a very bad day.
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Home Cooking
19 minutes ago
Yesterday I had Selection orange burst juice, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with one half of a Pom english muffin (butter), another of the cucumber and fried pasta (vegetable oil + some of the chicken leftovers + fusilli + green onions + soya sauce), Coaticook three colors ice cream, Ruffles salt and vinegar chips, Coaticook three colors ice cream, some of the pork leftovers and white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and one egg with some of the remaining curds scrambled in the grease and butter.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.
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22 minutes ago
I remember one dream.

I was walking in a shopping mall and was looking at the tables and booths where people were selling things then started to think that I could do that for money and then started to think of a few ideas and I went with honey, so I made sure the products were fresh from the same day, I had people get a little honey then sold it raw and also had a few other products made with it, prepared everything in the morning and a little before noon or noon or start of afternoon I had it all and were selling it at a table. At first it looked like a mistake but slowly all got sold so I kept going. One day a woman told me she loved the cake and asked for a big birthday cake, I quoted a high price (high for a simple cake) and she agreed and then when she saw it later she loved it and later she said everyone loved it.
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11 hours ago
Caught a baby a few hours ago, near the stairs downstairs.
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13 hours ago
On this day in 2005 - August 12th - NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) was launched.

Since 2006, MRO has been conducting reconnaissance and exploration of Mars from orbit.
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Fiction Writing
Yesterday at 09:20 PM
[Linked Image]

Hurrah! I have been stuck on writing book 15 in my medieval adventure series since October 2016. I just couldn't find a new theme I wanted to write about. And then suddenly one came to me. In the past two days I've written 25,000 words / 16 Chapters. The story is flowing!

What are you guys up to?

Book 1 in the series is free here:

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Drama Movies
Yesterday at 09:17 PM
The French drama "The Apparition" stars Vincent Lindon and will be in select US theaters in September. Lindon plays a skeptical journalist hired by the Catholic church to validate a vision of the Virgin Mary. Lindon is particularly good at inhabiting the wounded male persona, as in "Mademoiselle Chambon" and "A Few Hours of Spring". One of my favorite actors. The Apparition Official Trailer
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Drama Movies
Yesterday at 08:56 PM
Sony Classics is going to be distributing the new Rudolph Nureyev biopic directed by Ralph Fiennes. Titled "The White Crow", Fiennes also stars as a Russian ballet coach. Dancer Oleg Ivenko plays Nureyev in the drama that will focus on Nureyev's defection to the US in 1961. The script is by David Hare, inspired by Julie Kavanaugh's book "Rudolph Nureyev: The Life". Look for the film to be released during awards season in the fall.
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Yesterday at 07:39 PM
I've always liked the people at Mason Dixon Knitting, and their new Field Guides are fun! Which is your favorite?
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Yesterday at 07:33 PM
This is one of my favorite poses, and I like what it's done for my balance. How about you?
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Yesterday at 03:10 PM
The peak of the Perseids is past, but there are still meteors to be seen in a clear dark sky. Here is a lovely view from yesterday showing Mars on the left, two meteors and the Milky Way. Photo taken by Joe Randall at Twin Lakes, Colorado.
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Yesterday at 03:04 PM
Have you seen Mars this summer? I woke up in the night and went to the window. Didn't see any Perseids, but there was a break in the clouds and Mars was as bright as a beacon. Just wow! You can see Mars on the left in Mike Killian's photo.
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Yesterday at 04:45 AM
The ever-changing face of a modern family. “Grandparent’s”as we know, are best, known for, spoiling, baking, and letting you eat all you want when you come over. What happens when a visit turns into a stay?

Grandparents The New Superhero

[Linked Image]
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Natural Living
Yesterday at 01:54 AM

I am honestly not sure if we can grow gentian in New England or even if it grows wild. I think there are some false friends growing in the woods out here. I used to bump into it growing wild when I lived in Germany in the alps and I started to fall in love with it as a medicinal herb when I lived out there.

I personally buy gentian root in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs - https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/gentian-root/profile

I have also heard that angostura bitters (that we use in cocktails) has gentian root in it, but the company is somewhat secretive about the actual formula.

I "grow" a lot of dandelions too. Or rather, they're in the lawn and since our whole yard is organic, we just leave them be. I dig out some of the roots in October, scrub them clean, and dry them.
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Natural Living
Yesterday at 12:59 AM
Are you wondering what to do with all those fresh fruits and vegetables? Besides cook with them and eat them fresh, you can also preserve them! This article goes over several methods for preserving them.

How To Preserve the Fall Harvest

Let me know what you think! How do you preserve your fruits and vegetables?
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Computer - Console Gaming Help
08/12/18 07:11 PM
No. The only thing it does for me is when I play something too often I will see (sometimes when my eyes are opened too) some of the things in the game and even will dream of it or it will sneak in a dream. I just remembered that I do get angry when I cannot win a level that I have played several times but after I am done being angry that is it, it does not go into the rest of my day.
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Computer - Console Gaming Help
08/12/18 07:08 PM
No! It never has, is not and never will! The same goes for everything! The responsibility goes only on the people being violent! That is it!
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08/12/18 03:43 PM
Is this an incredibly beautiful nebula or what? It's called Supernova Remnant HBH 3, which seems a bit mundane for such a splendid sight!

The technical details for those interested:
Thin, red veins of energized gas mark the location of the supernova remnant. The puffy, white feature in the image is a portion of the star forming regions W3, W4 and W5. Infrared wavelengths of 3.6 microns have been mapped to blue, and 4.5 microns to red. The white color of the star-forming region is a combination of both wavelengths, while the HBH 3 filaments radiate only at the longer 4.5 micron wavelength.

Image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Credit: NASA/JPL
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08/12/18 11:55 AM
Interested in astronomy or space-related science projects? Forget the model of the Solar System – that's for young children. Here are a number of ideas from several sources which should be a help to students and educators.

Science Fairs – Astronomy and Space Project Ideas
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08/12/18 06:21 AM
Careless and unregulated use of pesticides has caused immense damage to the environment. Harmful effects are now being realised worldwide.

The symptoms of exposure to some of the commonly used pesticides are listed in the article and you will also find a mention of emergency treatment. However, a word of caution, please always consult a qualified medical practitioner. Self-treatment should best be avoided.

Harmful Effects of Common Orchid Pesticides
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Christian Living
08/11/18 02:38 PM
What do you depend on? What in your world is steadfast and never runs out?

Memory Verse - Lamentations 3.22-23
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08/10/18 08:45 PM
Some years ago poaching was a topic handled with a great care in media, literature and to environment activist. As the time passes by our interest on these discussions faded out. Does it mean that the devastating activity of poaching has decreased?

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