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Container Gardening
4 hours ago

Hello Everyone,

It’s easy to fall in love with Lewisia ‘Elise Mixed’. This low-growing, hardy, sun-loving, flowering succulent will make you smile. It grows in all sorts of places both indoors and outdoors. Containers will look rich, and rock gardens, crevices and pavers will love their company. Ooh la la!

Go here and determine to get some of these beauties into your containers as soon as possible - they really are a treat.

Lewisia – A Flowering Succulent

Let us know how you get on -

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6 hours ago

Three days orbiting Earth strapped into a space capsule so primitive that no one could land in it. So how did the cosmonaut get home? That's part of the story of the first woman in space, on a solo flight twenty years before NASA sent Sally Ride into orbit on a Space Shuttle.

Valentina Tereshkova - the First Spacewoman
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6 hours ago

On this day in 2013 - June 17th - ESA deactivated the Herschel Space Telescope which had run out of coolant.

The spacecraft is now in an orbit around the Sun that will ensure it doesn't impact the Earth in the foreseeable future.
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12 hours ago
We all know that a father is a son’s first hero but did you know that a father is a daughter’s first love and hero. He may not be a super hero but he is super. Let's see how we all may have a little superhero in us! And see if your dad is really superman! Let's compare!

Superman The Hero

Happy Father's Day!

[Linked Image]
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Drama Movies
06/14/19 09:27 PM
"I really believe in the liberating and humanizing power of cinema. I believe that images and ideas that are carried by stories can have the power to strike you in your solar plexus, and really change your mind. I think the frequency can be spread with a little drop in the ocean with a film can really have a big, big power." Filmmaker Alejandro Inarritu
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06/12/19 10:25 PM
Beautiful cotton fabric prints in summer's riotous colors beckon the sewer to create a few easy-to-sew projects to dress a summer picnic table that will be sure to add to any happy outdoor gathering. Assemble a fabric teepee for the little ones too!

Summer Picnic Projects to Sew
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Luxury Travel
06/12/19 05:14 AM
[b]As a nature lovers below are few of the hotels with awe-inspiring view : [/b]

[*][b]Fishtail Lodge - Pokhara, Nepal[/b]
Fishtail Lodge is the only lodge situated on the pristine southern shore of the Phewa Lake. The lodge is looking into the 4.4 sq Phewa Lake and the Pokhara valley with Himalayan background. The room at the Lodge offers one of the best view of Annapurna range. Annapurna range including the 10th highest in the world Annapurna I (8.090 m)

[*][b]Everest View Hotel - Khumjung, Nepal[/b]
Everest view hotel is the luxury at the highest point in the world. The hotel at 3,800 m is overlooking at the Mt Everest, Lhotse, Amadablam, Thamsherku and other snow peaks. The hotel is situated in Everest national park which is one of the UNESCO Heritage site in Nepal. One can get there by flying to Lukla airport and with short 2 days trek. It is also popular to take a helicopter flight to Everest base camp and have breakfast at the hotel.

[*][b]Barahi Jungle Lodge - Chitwan, Nepal[/b]
Barahi jungle Lodge is in the outskirt of Chitwan National park which is enlisted as UNESCO Heritage for it shelters the last no of Royal Bengal Tigers and Asian Single horned Rhinos. Unlike many other lodges, this is luxury lodge situated in the pristine side of the jungle where you can only hear roar of the wild animals and chirping of birds. Suite room has private infinity pool and rain shower with private butler to cater. All with a view of dense jungle across the River watching the animals coming out to drink.
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06/12/19 02:21 AM
These are great stretches for everyone, seasoned yogi/nis and newbies alike. Can you suggest any other stretches?
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06/12/19 01:58 AM
Carol Sulkoski's works are always informative. Here's a review of her latest tome. I'd love to hear your opinion!
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African American Literature
06/11/19 06:19 PM
The number one task for any author is to deliver a well-written book. Here are seven tips to help writers improve their craft before introducing their book to the reading public!

Self-Publishing Writing Tips

More tips are welcome!
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Attention Deficit Disorder
06/08/19 05:18 PM

When you are looking for snacks for a road trip, look no further. These tasty treats have the advantage of being a healthy food to support better brain chemistry! For folks with Attention Deficit Disorder, keeping healthy eating habits is one way to combat the negative effects of ADD.

Banana Blueberry Muffins for ADD Nutrition
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06/08/19 01:48 AM
Interesting tidbit about animal dreaming: Scientists surmise that it is likely that all mammals dream because they enter REM sleep.

I dream about the pets we have loved and lost. I wonder if pets that have lost beloved owners dream about them. I'll bet they do. If you haven't seen this video, it is rather heartbreaking. A precious dog mourns the loss of his owner upon her grave. I sure hope this dog has pleasant dreams where they reunite.

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06/06/19 12:58 AM
Childhood sleepovers create lasting memories of summer time fun, like a camping experience but only indoors or maybe in a backyard tent and of course under the watchful eyes of patient adult supervisors. Sewers can add to the fun event.

Sewing for Summer Sleepovers
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06/05/19 09:06 PM
Hi Tea Readers and enthusiasts,

I know a lot of people enjoy the Kombucha type teas. There are many brands out there. But as always it is on the buyer to beware. We are learning to read labels which is important to our overall general health, and sometimes it is ultra important to those who have health issues.

The Health-Ade Kombucha beverages haven't been truthful on their labels. They have underreported their contents, to the point that it was harmful to many people. Last year there was a class action lawsuit filed because their labels had the sugar levels incorrectly reported. They were 2-4 times more, thus causing health concerns of their consumers.

Yet another class action lawsuit that is claimable this year, is that this Kombucha beverage is a non-alcoholic beverage as written on their label. But as it turns outs the beverage contains 2 times-4 times the amount of alcohol, thus making it an alcoholic beverage!!

If you have purchased this brand of Kombucha you have the right to join the class action lawsuit and have purchased this brand from the dates of 3/6/14-5/24/19 without proof of purchase(up to $40.) and with purchase receipts (up to $80.)
If you would like to join, you can file a claim online at


Please continue to be good consumers and read all the labels on the foods and drinks you consume and please report the brand if you do find some type of discrepancy.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
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06/05/19 08:42 PM
I know I had several dreams last night but I woke up so abruptly, I did not have a chance to mull over them so now...they have faded back into my subconscious. Ah, well. The ones I need to hold onto are the ones that I will remember. Like these:

Always running to school. At first, I was in high school and was being told that I might not graduate because I failed social studies. Then, I was allowed to graduate as long as I took a social studies class that summer.

Haha. That made total sense to me because while I am a very social person by nature, I have not been social for years due to my family needs. (Plus, I just prefer hanging out with my family.) I do need and miss friends though.

Later, my school dreams were in a college/university setting so I must be making progress! But, I was always late so maybe not as much progress as I hope.
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06/05/19 07:51 AM
One of the less well-known athleisure brands in the US, Lorna Jane is worth your consideration. Have you worn anything from thiss line?
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06/05/19 07:33 AM
That's right -- it's happening all over the world. Are you going to join in?
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06/04/19 02:21 PM
Here's the story of Guillaume Le Gentil who went to India to observe the transit of Venus in 1761 and took eleven years to get home again. War and weather conspired to prevent his making observations and illness further delayed his return. Was he the unluckiest astronomer ever?

Le Gentil - Heroic Failure
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Drama Movies
06/04/19 04:55 AM
"Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese" is debuting on Netflix June 12th. The documentary contains restored footage of the 1975 tour as well as new interviews with Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Sam Shepard, who tagged along with Dylan and wrote about the experience, is also featured. You can check out the trailer online. Rolling Thunder Revue Trailer
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Natural Living
06/04/19 02:57 AM
Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to grow plants? Learn all about what permaculture is so that you can incorporate it into your gardens.

What is Permaculture?
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06/04/19 02:36 AM
Cleaning The Beach

This article isn't going to tell you how to clean the beach. However, you will learn to clean different things that can be affected by your time at the beach, ie: clothing, furniture, floors and bathtubs.

Cleaning The Beach

Anyone with some great tips or tricks they have learned?
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06/04/19 12:16 AM
Steve Cariddi tells us what to look out for this week:
A new lunar month begins on Monday. The new Moon gradually moves eastward (toward the left) each night, and by Wednesday it should be visible in the west-southwest at nightfall, when it will be near Mars. By week's end it will be visible in the southwest before sunset. Jupiter and Saturn are rising around 9pm and 11pm respectively. Jupiter is heading toward opposition on the 10th, when it will be rising at sunset and visible all night. Around 3 or 4am, both planets are visible in the south.
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Drama Movies
06/03/19 11:53 PM
Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the screenwriters for the latest James Bond film, due in 2020. Speaking on the depiction of women in the Bond film, Waller-Bridge said “There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not [the Bond franchise] is relevant now because of who he is and the way he treats women... I think he’s absolutely relevant now. It has just got to grow. It has just got to evolve, and the important thing is that the film treats the women properly. He doesn’t have to. He needs to be true to this character.”

The actresses starring in "Bond 25" are Lea Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Lashana Lynch, and Naomie Harris.
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Drama Movies
06/03/19 11:44 PM
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its choices for the Governors Awards today. Italian director Lina Wertmuller (who was the first woman ever nominated for the Best Director Oscar), director David Lynch, actor Wes Studi, and actress/activist Geena Davis are this year's recipients of honorary Oscars. Davis will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her work as the founder and chair of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (Here's a link to their website. Geena Davis Institute).

The ceremony takes place on Sunday, October 27th.
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06/03/19 06:05 PM
Going On Vacation

You schedule your vacations in advance. Now that you know that you are leaving on vacation - what can you do to prepare ahead of time so that coming home isn't such a chore?

Going On Vacation

What are your favorite tricks to prepare for vacation?
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