It took me a long time to fall asleep last night and I woke up several times and most times it was for a long time, I did not want to get up because the times I did sleep did not help at all, I was very tired. As for the dreams I knew I had forgotten one (the first) and it came back to me when I was getting up, the second dream I barely remember it.

In the first dream an old friend wanted to talk to me on the phone, it had me excited since we had not done that in a long time but I kept on making excuses to not talk to her because I had nothing to say really, I knew she was angry about it (i actually could see her once like she was next to me but she was at her home) so I surprised her one day or night and called her.

In the second all I remember was that lots of people were having some kind of a debate on what made a man a real man and someone was in front and said the only way to determine a man was a real man was to wash a soup spoon (the big ones to scoop the soup with to put in a bowl) and the man who could dry it the faster was the real man. Then it was me in our old kitchen (it was different but this was the correct place) re-arranging every thing, not to make my mom angry but that it would be better placed and easier to find. All the time I was doing that the debate was still going on.

In the third Viateur (1 of moms brother who died not too long ago) came to visit with friends, they asked for 40$ and my dad after getting the okay with mom went to a cousin of mine and asked to borrow 40$ to give them. I was enraged by that because not only are we having money trouble and that he is borrowing money to borrow people but these people had screwed us money wise a few times in the past. Another cousin went to ask the person my dad wanted to borrow money from and when he came back with the money and was explaining to dad what was the conditions I was getting more and more angry. My dad gave them the money and Viateur made sure that he got it back. At the end I was saying to my parents that them getting the money back did not mean that what they did was right.

In the last I won tickets to go see Rafael Nadal in Argentina play in the tournament. Me and a friend (i never saw him really but he was there and i could feel he was a man) were excited about this. When we arrived we took a taxi and he drove us in front of a mountain. We went to the top not knowing where we were, after we watched the view still not knowing where we were we came out of the hotel and went to the Tennis stadium. We were sitting first row. All the while we were getting to our seats everyone was looking at me because I had a Michael Schumacher shirt on (it kept on changing..2 or 3 times if not more). After the match all hell broke loose and when we were trying to get out (my shirt had changed another time...still a Shumi shirt) I saw men with guns and I knew they were looking for me, one saw me and pointed a machine gun straight at me. I was somehow able to get out with them losing me but I had lost my friend in the process. I saw a forest and went there running until I saw people behind some trees, I was still getting away but doing less noise in case they would see me and deliver me to the men after me. I saw a big Schumacher sign so I stopped, hid and looked at what they were doing. They were in different groups looking at each others and suddendly they came togheter in a few groups and started having sex, I was disgusted because they were family so it was incest.