I remember six dreams.

I had a new fresh loaf of bread to make toasts but that loaf was very small, I cut it the better I could and I was only able to make two slices out of it. I did not like it since I was very hungry and that bread was so good that it made me more hungry.

A couple was a spy (i was both of them i think). The man had came back from a mission, the children wanted to see him but he had been followed and he told his wife to tell them to hurry up to the car and stay there. After they started to run they both realised that it was very dumb to let them outside when a woman with a gun was there. The man came out with a machine gun and when he found her he started shooting. Eventhough he kept shooting at her and then reloading and doing it again she was still alive, she was founding this funny and was preparing her gun. He was scared for his kids and kept shooting at her.

I was eating breakfast and dad said that they were ready. I said that I had just gotten up and that I had to eat breakfast then do my morning beauty routine. He started laughing and said that he and mom had something to do then they would come back. I told him to stop laughing at me and he said oh yeah that's right laughing at someone is mean and you do not like it. I turned my back to him and ignored him.

Me, my parents and someone else who turned out to be Rihanna had to go somewhere in Montreal. We arrived at a place where the traffic was not moving plus we could not even drive exactly there because someone was either trying to get out of there or go back to the traffic. We decided to park the car and walk. There was three lines. One started to move fast and I wanted to go there but dad would not. Rihanna started to whine and say when we get there the car would not and I said of course we will walk there and then walk back to the car. We arrived in Montreal and they let me find the place because I had gone there many times by subway. I was able to find the place while they behind me thought that I was lost.

A woman who was working in a store was putting her coat on to leave after her day was done. The store owner said that she could not go, that she had to stay and work until her mess (a big pile of coleslaw on the floor) was cleaned and that the money it had costed was worked. She said that she did not do it and the owner showed her the security tape that she had not even watched because she hated that woman so much so she was sure she was guilty, turns out it was not her but she still forced her to stay and work overtime (that worker was indeed a bad woman).

Eminem, that' all I remember.