I remember three dreams.

I went into a thrift shop to look at the things they had. It was huge like a big store. I decided to give them a few things including a stuffed small red stick that was (not in real life just in that dream) part of the teddy bear collection I had before the fire. It was saved and I had remorse because of all the others who were not and I did not want it. I was actually ignoring it while my parents and my four musketeers were not. I gave like a bag full of thing with the stuffed stick in it, I did it incognito so my family would not know that I gave it up.

I was trying to figure out a plan on how to sleep for a few days (4 i think - it was less than 1 week and the last day was saturday). I had four stuffed Minions with me and I could hear them laugh and talk when I was making my plan. I ended up with sleeping on a floor and the last night on a sofa, it was at my grandma's house and I knew it would bother her and the son still living with her but I said screw him and as for her she was planning on going to an apartment anyway. Then I was in my Saint-Hubert house and dad had my brother in his arms, I asked him what was going on and I could not understand what he said, I asked him at least one more time and it was the same thing. He went up the stairs with him who was stiffed and dad was almost crying. I wanted to know what was up. When dad was upstairs mom came from the kitchen and saw that upstairs so she asked him and he said that he had an heart attack. Mom was saying no and things like that while grabbing her head and mouth. Dad was upstairs still with my brother in his arms and mom stayed downstairs. I was there near my mom still wondering what was going on.

Tom Cruise was playing Tennis. I think that he had to win that match for some reason. He was staying cool eventhough he was close to losing but then after a while that a point that he had lost was done he came back to that point freaking out, like it was a close call eventhough it was not.