I remember one dream.

I was a participant on America's Next Top Model. The next step was us to meet the person who was in charge of the company involved with the shoot. I was first. I was explaining to him that I had finally found my talent with modeling, that it did not show since I was so shy and not beautiful but that something would happen when I was in front of a camera and on a runway and then I was out of my shell and a great model. He was not believing me but he was staying nice. Before I left he decided to do a test and I came back jumping on the air saying that I got it. Finally the shoot came and it was in a forest. There was an accident where we were taking the pictures and everyone else walked to get out of there, the man in charge (looked like Michael Douglas) was screaming mostly what happened and how did it happened. I was scared and I knew it was dangerous but with a flashlight in pitch black I was walking towards the accident wanting to see what had happened. The director told me no we should go. He ended up closest to the group and I was left behind. I screamed to wait for me and where they were. I could see and hear them in front. I was very scared and in danger. I finally ended up seeing one of the group (a man - 1 of the actor who has played an hobbit) and he was just standing there in fear. Soon after I met the others. The forest was alive and wanting to kill everyone who entered it. We ended up walking underneath a tree and the branches would become longer and with more of the what looked like some type of very small white flowers. We hurried up because we knew that just one touch was enough. We ended up seeing a door (the front door of my Saint-Hubert house) but we were depressed because we knew there was no way we could get out like that and suddenly a man entered through it, the door ended up being completely opened and before we could try to leave it open to get out it was closed. We yelled at the man who was wondering what was going on and some people tried to open the door.