I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with me making one or more decision and that I had a lot of problem doing it.

I was with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, we were in bed, at first only with Brad and then Angelina came in. I explained that I was not sexually attracted to women but that she was always my exception. We all three were excited and the dream turned into either them explaining how they had sex the first time or it turns out they never had sex.

I took a long time to choose a new email account. When I did the first time I tried it was when logging to an account and I suddenly had no memories of that account's username or and password. I started to freak out because I loved that website, I was able to log in but with a different name so it was new but I did not want that, I wanted my account there. So I decided to go back to the email account I had before all that and I got my account back on that website. But I was angry because I also wanted a new email account so I was figuring out how to do it and tried it, it either stopped there or I do not remember the rest.

I (looked like an old woman in this - i was in the last bedroom i had in Saint-Hubert - mom looked like herself) had a typewrite and was very excited about it and decided to write a letter with it. It took me a long time but I was very happy about it and had fun writing it. For some reason it was connected with my computer so I hit print after it was done but it came out all messed up. I was furious. Mom came in and said after I angrily said that what good was it to have one of those if it was connected to a computer well just disconnect the printer and I said what if it does not stay the way it was (do not remember the word i want to use here - its about the way it works - what you have to do to have it like that - the way you want - i cannot do that because im too stupid) and she said well it should be back the same way after while rolling her eyes and then she left my room. I was still extremely furious about the letter being messed up (for some reason it was also a very important letter). I started to scream and hit things and cry too, after a while of that I tried to calm down, I sat back on my chair and started writing it (the start of it was me explaining what had happened) but then I hit a button in advance and started to freak out again.