I remember two dreams.

I was coming back home (did not looked like myself + had a different life) with bloodied hands because I had killed someone. My favorite Horse was in front of the house (came back walking) so I went to see him but I told him that I could not pet him because of my hands, I gave him kisses on his head and then I was going to go home to clean myself but he pull me with his head, he would do that everytime I was going. Someone was standing there and thought it was cute, me too but I still did not want to put blood on him so I kept just touching him with my head then trying to go home and clean up.

My province (maybe they did it in the entire country too) decided to change the way phone numbers were working. The first number was for your region (ours was 1 but it should of been 2 because they wanted to go alphabetically) then the second was your weight (ridiculous) then it was from zero to infinity (ours ended up 244 or 344). I almost immediately memorized and understood this stupidity, dad was not saying anything and mom did not understand so I told her our number and explained her why and what but before or during or after I called us and it worked (it either sounded busy or whatever because i called us with our own home phone not a cell) then I hung up and said see it works.