Thank you Lori. I really appreciate you taking the time to analyze my dream. I've never had one plague me so much or be as vivid.

The only thing I got from my dream initially was that I was missing something. I needed someone like you to give me the information I didn't receive.

I live in Kansas but my parents are from Iowa, very small town in Iowa. Actually my mom was born on the Iowa side, in Blanchard (blink and you miss it kind of town). My dad was born on the Missouri side just a few hundred yards away.

I do have a long-time friend that is going through some really serious trials in her life. I don't really dispense too much advice. We've known each other for over 40 years. My friend is very intelligent, loyal and fussy...very detail oriented. Going shopping with her is an experience!

People often ask me about romantic relationships, but I haven't been a part of one for many years. I'm not one to ask. smile

I'm sorry, NOLA is an abbreviation for New Orleans, Louisiana. I was recently invited to go there with a friend but couldn't afford to do it.

The poodle ate my Kentucky Fried Chicken was an observation on my part. He really did eat it, he was sitting in the box when I caught him. smile

I've never been to France nor really desired to go. I can't really tell how I feel about it, I've never been there. I'm planning a trip to the Cayman islands and HI.

I am dutifully trying to make the transition to full time writer. That's who I am. I love to write. I do it everyday and more ideas pour in. I keep a notebook and pen with me wherever I go. I don't have enough time left to develop them all.

I write erotic fiction under an assumed name. Nothing is published yet. It's in a very popular genre. I've got the first novel done, working on the second and planning the third. I want to get the second novel done before I publish. My beta readers have loved my writing. Lots of encouragement there.

There's a lot that does apply to my waking life, but appears figuratively in my dreams. Is there any significance to two white dogs? Does the color mean something?

You have been so helpful. Many thanks!