I remember four dreams.

I woke up and got up from where I am now sleeping which is an empty room in the basement on an air bed (that dream could of been dreamed another time) but before I got up dad got up too and for some reason he and mom too who had gotten up a short time before him decided to go downstairs. Mom had went to the bathroom that is upstairs but not dad. I was sleeping naked like I do in real life. I decided to get up anyway and put on my pajama fast. Dad was just walking around without looking in my room and mom I cannot remember what she was doing.

I was in my bedroom of the Saint-Hubert house. At one point I saw that on the floor there was a shadow that moved, I soon realised that it was a Cat.

I called the mal real estate agent we had to buy our new house because I thought I had found a perfect house that I could afford. Soon after we went inside I gave a thumbs up and shook his hand meaning I was taking it. I started talking about the renovations I would do and how I would arrange the house. Then we went and visit other houses (the dream started over again) and I ended up buying a smaller house of one floor. I did not have any neighbor and I ended up getting a Dog and we were happy.

I again dreamed of the Cat that was a shadow on the floor. This time I was trying to kill the Cat by stepping on him/her. He/she was making noises and running away trying to hide from me.