I only remember one part of a dream, the idea of a dream and one dream.

The part is me and someone were walking in a forest and we came into a little part that looked difficult to climb, it was small but had lots of tree branches and things like that but we decided that since it was small we'd do it. We were almost up when I saw a big branch moving, that excited me because I thought it would be a cute animal so I went to look and it was a spider, I of course freaked out and got out of there.

The dream I knew what was about but cannot remember most of it is that I was either in vacation somewhere or we were driving there and I asked to stop because it was beautiful. There were watre, trees and grass everywhere. I was looking around and then after walking I ended up in the water.

The dream was me doing my first grocery shopping but my parents were there. They were trying to bring me down but I was ignoring them, I was even showing them how I would be able to eat everyday with not a lot of money. They were not happy.