I remember one dream.

I called someone who had a card saying that he was doing all sorts of work. He came here to look at the yard (it was this house here but looked like Saint-Hubert at some places) and he said that he could clean it all for 30$ and for 25$ he would cut all the grass. I was shocked by the low price then asked the prices for painting, putting new floors and things like that then he looked inside the house and his prices were still low. I had called him without telling my parents but they learned the prices and were happy about the low prices but they did not want to hire him so I said while the man was there of course you both don't want to, it will be much better to kill yourselves instead of putting 25$ aside each week or every two weeks (the man did say that at first since our grass was not growing everywhere that it would be best to not cut it every week).