I remember five dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with bread and breakfast.

Something in what seemed like a subway and an underground mall or stores or building was about to blow up. I saw it coming and tried to warn people to get out but there was no way out. In some places we could see outside but there were still no way out. I do not recall how I get out but I did and just in time I was able to run far and go behind something then the explosion happened. After I tried to help the more people I could.

I went to a dermatologist to get rid of a (do not know how its called - it looks like big zits but not zits - its mostly brown and has different shapes - i have a few in real life and the 1 that annoys me is on my right underarm and thats the 1 in my dream i had taken care of). He was nice and explained to me how it would go and then he did it and eventhough I was scared it went well. I then showed him the rest because some I mentioned were getting bigger and different. He examined them and said that a lot were coming which shocked me and I was not happy about that news.

I went to get dressed and saw that many (the same things as the previous dream) were now there, it was all under my breasts and it was in a line almost all the way around. At first I was oh there are some new ones but then I realised it was a lot and when I looked up close I saw that some looked disgusting, I thought that it looked like ground beef (some kind of looked like that but some did not - it even was more disgusting than that) and then I touched some and it felt weird. I started to panic about it.

I was in a doctor's office for a full examination. He left me with his nurse to get something, I was on a table with a white dress (the ones patients wear). She told me to take it off and move down the table so that my legs and but were completely in the air, I did it. She started to touch me and soon she was masturbating me, at first it was outside and after I had an orgasm she moved inside but by then eventhough I was still in it I was scared that the doctor would come back and that people outside would hear me scream in joy. The nurse was sometimes talking. Then the doctor came in and the plan was that we would all have sex but a group of people came in, the table was next too the door so it hid me and I grabbed the first thing I saw to cover myself and it ended up being a pillow. When they saw me they laughed and made like jokes about it. One of the people was Larry David and when he said something about me it broke my heart since he is someone I admire, he realised that and tried to see what he said that I was wrong but I said nothing. I finally was able to dress myself and leave. I do not remember how it happened but me and Larry David ended up talking outside and I told him why I was so sad and he apologised.