I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that a group of person wanted to rape another group and one woman in that group decided to just do everything she was told and she did it so well and fast that the rest of the victims and even the rapists were shocked about it.

My brother was there and we were left alone because our parents went to a vacation. The basement was bigger in that dream and when we went there there were lots of new spider webs and that freaked me out a lot. In one that was on the ceiling near the stairs there were a group of dead spider but the biggest started to move plus near the chair where I would sit every day to watch television there was a lot of spider webs including a huge one just in front of the chair and it even looked like a huge bowl. I just lost it and told my brother that he would have to do something about that. He took a vacuum and got all the webs and spiders with it, he even went back everywhere where there had been spiders and webs plus everywhere else especially on the ceiling and near to be sure that if there were more spiders hiding that he would get them all.