Aw, Yvonnie! Thank you! smile

It was a poignant experience to tend to my mother during her illness and then to say good-bye. I held her hand as she took her final breath on earth...

Yes, my body had become a bit depleted of energy during that time, and then, of course, there is the lovely thing called grief that zaps you. Because I know so clearly that her spirit is still close, I don't feel loss in the same way as others might but there still is a sense of missing her physical presence.

My life with her flashed before my eyes and all of the millions of moments both sweet and terrible, grand and small, they all replayed in vivid technicolor...and I knew the value of a mother, even of life itself. I feel as though I lived out a movie that captured the grandeur of a simple yet profound human life.

I am smiling. Filled with gratitude.

I love you, too!