I remember one dream.

I do not remember how it happened (maybe the dream started that way) but with a suit I was stuck in cold water, I was screaming for help but nobody could help me and I could not swim to my boat or the shore if I was not in a boat before because there were too much ice around me. I started to be cold when Orcas spotted me and they came to my rescue, before they went away I dove back in the water and told them thank you which they saw and I knew they were happy. Then (before that i remember humans helping me) I was in a mountain and Wolves had saved me (or the whales became wolves) and one decided to stay with me, the others for a while stayed close but then humans were a threat so I said goodbye to them and the Wolf too, I told that Wolf he should go with his family but he still stayed with me (when i said my goodbyes to the others they brought new members for me and they let me pet them but these wolf puppies actually looked like chickens maybe even chocolate ones and each were in a box with a name on it but they were indeed real wolf babies).