Spent about eight hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream (it will be hard to explain since it was all over the place & it is fading away since i woke up).

It started with me seeing my dad laying on the ground outside with blood on his head (he was attacked from behind by a neighbor who hates him with a frying pan...he had all sorts of arms with him but picked that to attack him) I called 911. They came (i think while waiting he was trying to get up and they were saying to me on the phone to not let him do that). After that I was walking outside and there were jukeboxes right in front of the building where that neighbor is staying (he was hiding scared of my dad when he came out of the hospital) they were there since the beginning but I finally decided to check them out (that made my dad angry because since it was in front of his ennemy house it was like to him i was on his side) so I saw that the songs were mostly boring (my dad was right near me...we were talking about that but cant remember what was the words). I took out 3,25$ and put it all in one with old rock songs, after putting the money we waited and I said isn't it supposed to say the songs that are in it before we push a button and my dad said no so I wanted my money back (i think he said it does not do that) so I pushed a button and the jukebox went up and the money was there in the bottom. With it up I could see the songs in it, it was tapes. Then I ended up with my tapes and I put the best at the top to show off my taste in music (i was still in front of that neighbor house.......my old tapes appeared next to the last jukebox). Then I put on an old dance music tape and was dancing to it. Then it was almost time to go to an appointment of mine, we were watching television and they said that coming up was a bunch of people for the separation of Quebec and I said sarcastically oh no we will miss that, my dad was not amused. After that they were talking about the kids in Canada forced to play Hockey and there were a young man saying that that had happened to him and that he wanted to play (the big violin...cant remember the name of it) and that finally his parents (or himself when older....cant remember again) let him play it. The host (Guy A. Lepage.....a comedian and actor and host of Tout Le Monde En Parle) said that he too played that when he was young and after the shock of the guest and people in the audience and me and my family he asked the young man how he would sit in public with it and before the answer the set became a train wagon and Guy showed how he did it (he became dressed like a 70s hippie) at first the guest said oh yes that is how I did it but then Guy changed his sitting position to someone who was just being a jerk and the guest said oh I don't know. Then Guy said that sometimes he would have more money so he would pay the extra to have the cage closed so that noone would go to his side of the train and he closed it to show how he would act these times. Then I realised it was almost time but Dr Phil started and I said oh oh I will have to watch it later but instead of closing the television or changing the channel or leaving I kept on watching.