I remember two dreams.

Someone cool and hot asked me out. I was shocked and so were the other people like him. He helped me with what to wear and how to put makeup not because he wanted me to look different but for the others (i did not look like myself in that dream - the man looked exactly like a young John Travolta). Others were shocked when they saw me but they hated it that I was there with him. We stayed a little mixed with the others then we ended up by ourselves. We had sex but he took it very slow.

Dad was watching television, mom was close and I was preparing food. They started giving the lottery numbers and the one for a huge amount (50 millions) sounded like mine so I looked and then realised that I had won. I started screaming and soon they realised why. On my excitement I knew it was also finally a way out for me and that they would not get one penny of it (they too started thinking about what they would do with their parts) then they were saying another number that had to do with that ticket, it was extra money and that number too I had (it was at least another million) so I decided to give that to them. I was taking my time, they had stopped pushing my buttons and I figured that if they would keep at this and not try just one time I would keep contact with them. I ended up renting a small place just in the meantime. A psychopath was in that and also a nest of Wasps so I ran out and screamed for help. I ended up in a car and Leonardo DiCaprio was in it. I was having a panic attack and I was trying to explain what had happened (when i was talking about the psycho it was like that person was after me for a long time) and he started talking about the Wasps and that it was not a surprise because when people would rent small cottages like that it could hold surprises like that, the people who had these places would just clean everything without really getting rid of the problem.