I was in bed for over eight hours and I again barely slept so that means I am in an insomnia phase (at first i thought it was because i had woken up early without being in bed for so long then i thought when i had that 10 hours that it was because of the previous 2 days but now for a fourth day while being very tired im sure)! I remembered barely two dreams then I fell asleep for the few minutes before the alarm clock went on and just remembered barely one of the dreams but I do remember that last one.

A woman came out of her house at night to go to her car that was parked in front of her house but on the other side of the street. There was lots of teenagers all over the street and on the sidewalks and they were having a big loud party (i think there was fires too in barrells...not too sure though). I said to myself oh oh she is in trouble but she was not but she was mad and while she was walking she was telling them that they were stupid for being in the street and that they should get out of there, they then were mad at her and started yelling at her but she continued to her car looking straight ahead. She went in her car and drove away. Then one of them was hit by a vehicule because he like many others was in the middle of the street.

The last tiny dream was Gwen Stefani filming a new version of her first solo song (i have it in my head but cant remember the name of it) at first she did not have her famous bright red lipstick on and that was weird, when the video started being fun that lipstick appeared on her. Then it was me and I was in a building with lots of corridors and it was me doing that song. I was lipsynching and dancing with backup dancers. We were rehersing for later. Many people were around, some were working and some were celebreties. I remember seeing Tom Cruise and he looked excited to see that (at first he was laughing asking himself what i was doing since there were no cameras). So it was me walking around the corridors while singing a Gwen Stefani song and dancing with backup dancers practicising for a video later with everyone around minding their own business and Tom Cruise watching.