As far as what I dreamed last night -- nothing consciously that I can remember.

However, I am having a most excellent day, and as a Bipolar/Manic w/Schizophrenic comorbidity -- that, my dear friends is a major welcome change !!

I did ask God two questions last night.

1) God please help me.

Within, he said, 'with what'?

I said, 'to love you more'.

2) Thank You God for everything -- the suffering, the bed I sleep in -- Connie -- the air I breathe and just enough income.

I'm a firm believer that each night we leave our bodies and go to work on spiritual tasks if we ask and are willing.

Not remembering our dreams many times is a good thing, and what you accomplished while resting will determine the energy, disposition and mood of the next day.

This is Biblically based.

'Let not the sun go down upon your wrath' explains that your spirit leaves your body every night and as awful as it sounds, can even commit psychic murder of which you are fully responsible.


Asked to be used while you are resting.

And if God/Spirit/The Universe be willing even ask to remember your dreams if it is God's will.

The spirit is so much more capable and free to do things that affect many, many, people.

Pray for your enemies and ask to help them while you sleep.

This is a reminder to me, of which I will fulfill tonight.

-- Burt B.