I remember two dreams.

Brigitte came to visit. At first we were talking a lot then I did not know what to say anymore so I thought that maybe we would do like we used to often do just enjoy our company while watching television (that what we were doing then but in the past we would also do other things in silence) but she wanted to keep talking so I made believe that I was sleeping. She became angry and went to bed. After 7:00 the phone rang and that woke both of us, she came out and I said that that phone had woke me and I had just fell asleep because I had watched something that finished at 6:00. She looked angry but not as much as hours ago and she also looked amused at least a little.

A man's job was to drive a bus through an airport, that airport had like less than ten people everyday so it was an easy job. I could see him drive while hearing about that job and I said wow I would enjoy an easy job. Someone helped me (maybe the person who told me about it - i think that driver hated his job) look for a job and a place (i was far from here) and there was one nice job but that would not give me lots of money so I needed to find with it a place that was less than 400$ per months which did not exist in that city and near it. So I kept looking with the help of that person for a job and a place that I could pay for and also eat and get the other needed things.