I remember one dream.

I learned that the previous owners had put cameras all throughout the house and that the cameras were still working and that if they wanted to they could whenever they wanted from wherever look at it to see what we were doing. My parents had learned about this before me and they did not care at all about that. Mom even went on the computer by herself to try and see where the cameras were from the website the two previous owners could go and look at us. I was livid when I learned that. I screamed that I was shy even sometimes when I was alone and that they knew that, that I could not live in a place where people could look at me all the time. They had no reaction so I screamed screw the Dallas Stars (actually used the f word) and said I cannot remain with you two even for them because that will be my death and that I would be gone in the next morning. I took the remote control of my television, showed it to them and threw it on the ground (this could have happened right there or right after what is coming up). Dad was finding this all funny and mom said laughing yeah right see you next morning meaning I would not go anywhere. I went downstairs and started to pack, I woke up.