I remember one dream.

I was in my Saint-Hubert house (it looked a little different) and my brother was alive. I got up earlier and for some reason I decided to hang out in the bathroom upstairs. I was standing or sitting listening to music when dad came in, I was going to just stand there but soon I realised he just got up so he needed to use the bathroom and I said oh and left. I was going to wait but then I realised that it would stink soon so I abandoned the idea of hanging out there. I just decided to start my morning routine but then I thought that when it would be the time for the beauty part that it would still stink. I went to get some tissues while thinking about what to do and there were only two left and when I took it all out of the box it all had white dust from the tissues on it, I tried to get it all off by moving the tissues around and I had to close my eyes to not get any in my eyes.