Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember two dreams.

It was a family of disgusting criminals. They were cannibals, murderers, torturers, you name it they probably did it. A few generations later they decided to stop but the other generations had to do a few things in order for them to never have to start again. First to never speak of it, then to do certain trips with everyone in the family and to have at least one female wear a certain shade of blue. Many generations later when they were doing it, a night where many of them were around a table a teenage girl asked why their family were so weird. Then she explained that even very sicks were doing these traveling and why they were so obssesed with that shade of blue that she herself were wearing with a white (the only other color of that dress) dress. A woman started crying then explained the sickening story of the family, while she was doing that I realised I was there and that something was on my ears, that sade of blue. The teenage girl realised it and said it by pointing a finger at me. The door opened suddendly and a few people entered led by an old woman wearing the same dress as the teenage girl, she was very angry and she was screaming that they were not supposed to talk about that. I woke up, the old woman was coming right for me and that made me jump up and wake up.

I was watching television and in a show I caught they were saying that Rammstein's old neighborhood in Germany was almost a full ghost town. It excited me and I decided to pack everything and go live there. I arrived there and the houses were still standing like people were in it but most if not all were empty, the people had left everything behind. No law was there anymore so I could of picked any house I wanted to picked a house that looked like a shed, a big shed. Inside some things were left but it was big and that there were no walls made me decide for sure that this is where I wanted to stay. There was a chimney in the house and in the garage that was empty so I decided to stay in the garage until the house was to my liking (i wanted the bathroom to be in the middle separated from the rest only by curtains surrounding it.....the chimney was at the back in the middle so i decided to put the living room in 1 part and the other would be my kitchen...my bedroom would be next to the living room and next to the kitchen would be the computer and books area.....i did not know how i would do that since the rest of my money was gone when i arrived there....a taxi dropped me at the city limits where it started). I had a bike and I used it to go to the nearest town where there were people and shops. I entered a few shops to look around and everytime I would take my bike with me because I was far away from the abandoned city and I had to have something to travel with. Then I visited the city, a few people were left here and there but none except one bothered me, that person asked me what I was doing and I told him.