Something made me remember most of my second game (dont know why since it was the end of the third period and nothing on my tv screen had anything to do with that)!

I was either a spy or an assassin on a bus (it was full of people) and someone came to kill me and I won in just a few seconds in a knife fight, I was laughing about it after it was done. Then someone else came and I started laughing before our fight started, that time it was with a steel pipe and again I won it with just a few seconds. So I told the people (dont remember how i got in touch with them....i also think that the second and last fight was somewhere else) while laughing that they should either send a man to kill me or better yet the best they had so they soon after sent a man who was supposed to be their best and again I killed easily, that time I think it was even faster than the two others.