I remember two dreams.

I wanted to leave Change but still be part of a website where I could have a profile and be able to do good things. So I looked around and figured that I would get back on either Care2 or Tree Nation or join Take Part which I have nothing against but there are less actions to take there I was finding then I thought about going back to Causes (in real life im not there anymore because i cannot change my location since moving - in the dream i had left for another reason) but I was still with SFS and in the dream too they had suspended my account, I was about to change my email but did not want to add my Telus address in my profile and I did not want to miss any notifications either so I was wondering what to do about that.

My parents decided to have Irene and Dany move here until their house was sold (my house did not look at all like ours). I asked if her eye that she had amputated is covered and I was told no so I remainded them that I cannot even look in the eyes because if I see too much I freak out so seeing a hole where an eye is supposed to be I would more than freak out and none of them cared so I told them okay then I will just stay in my room all day until she is gone to bed and then I will be able to go to the kitchen for food and there too they did not care so I said that when too hungry I would have food delivered and that I thought would have at least mom react because I would tell the deliveryman to go straight to my room and he would not take off his boots or shoes so dirty the floors but there too no reaction. So this is what happened and after a while Irene asked them why I was never out of my bedroom until she was gone and they told them and she said that it was not fair and she would cover it but they told her not to do it.