Because my husband has been sick (he just got out of the hospital), I've been sleeping in my daughter's room upstairs. She prefers to crash downstairs anyway.

In any case, every time I sleep in her room, I dream about my deceased father. It's funny because she tells me that she always dreams about him when she sleeps in her room, too.

He looks great and seems very happy. He told me that he wanted to go up to the Pacific Northwest to take photos and even get on a hang glider or helicopter to take pictures.

Funny thing is that this dream was a real visit from spirit and not just a typical dream. I could feel that. When he was alive, he always liked Seattle and the Washington area but my mom said she couldn't move there due to her allergies. I told him that my husband and I wanted to go with him. We both love the trees with an almost druid-like love, and my husband also loves to take photographs.

But it this were just a dream and I interpreted the symbols, I can see that my father is free to "travel" anywhere he likes now and can "see the forest for the trees" which means he now has a higher perspective than when he did while he was alive. And he'd like to remember this and hold onto those perspective (taking pics).

In life, he would feel so bogged down by details and worries. Now, he can see the big spiritual picture and feels free! smile