I remember two dreams.

An inconsiderate woman was in debt of more than 1000$ and she went straight to her mom's apartment knowing full well she would pay it without even asking. She knocked then entered without even saying anything and she was waving that bill around. Her mom said that it was about the same amount of what her soon to be vacation was costing, a vacation she had spent many years saving for. Her daughter kept waving it without saying anything. The mom went on her computer and her daughter was right behind, the mom said I will pay a few dollars off it and the daughter knew it was done. The mom kept rising the amount until everything except less than 1$ (50 something cents) was left and she paid it online. She went to cancel her trip, at first she did not know how to do it, the daughter was staying behind not saying anything, after she finally found the way to cancel she did then she got up wondering why her daughter was not doing a fit about the few cents remaining and sad that her trip was canceled.

I had rented a room in an hotel and while in the room I was looking at the brochure of the hotel and I saw that they had a red room where anyone could go in, it had a television and chairs. I went in it and turns out it was right next to my room. I was looking for a satellite dish, if they had one I could stay there longer and not miss my games. They did not have the receptor (the box inside) but they had so many remotes so I checked that and then I opened the television. Everything was old in that room. The television worked but no satellite so I went to close the television and the signal of the whatever it was (the box) closed but not the television and then it did but it became a static so I closed the volume and hurried to my room, I saw a man so I told him that the television would not close and then told him what I had done. He went in there and closed it easily and then looked at me like I was an idiot.