Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream.

I was going to be an actress and my first movie would be in a Steven Spielberg. I was living in his home and slowly while we were preparing the movie I was meeting famous people and hanging out with some. I spent one day with Tom Cruise. Then most of the actors from X-Men came to visit. Jennifer Lawrence was also invited eventough I hate her (except 1 time), part of Steven's reasoning was to be nice but most of the reasoning was that he knew that it would not bother me and he was right. I was able to ignore her and she kept on looking at me wondering why I was becoming an actress and why all these people liked me because to her I looked ugly. One time we were almost all in the pool, she was in a lounge chair looking at me almost laughing when I appeared with a bikini but when she saw that Michael Fassbender spent his time with me she was puzzled and angry. One morning I went to the pool with a sport swimsuit to swim as an exercise, I was stretching before then exercised and she was there in a lounge chair looking at me disgusted (i did not know she was there). After the exercises we were supposed (the others came in after i started or finished) to go out to eat and I said that I was going to take a shower and Fassy said okay I'll go help and I was happy about that but Steven said no just go take your shower so we can go eat and that's what happened while Jennifer Lawrence was still angry over me an ugly woman becoming an actress and being liked by all of them and loved ny Fassy.