I remember two dreams.

Dwayne Johnson did a movie or a show where he was completely naked. He looked good and his genitals was big but not huge like we all thought it would be. This is when he told everyone what had happened to him when young. He was playing outside and he was in a huge accident, he was opened almost everywhere and still awake but he said that thankfully when he awoke the paramedics were transporting him to the ambulance and he had been given a lot of pain medication so he did not feel anything. At the hospital they were so good that they were able to save him while making sure he would not have any scars but the only thing that they could not save was half of his [censored].

We moved to a big house after the fire and it had a barn which is where I went. I had succeeded in almost getting back everything I had lost. For some reason people came in that barn to build a safe (not huge but big). A lot of men came but only one entered to work and he worked fast. I was on the phone and at some point I was afraid that he would thought that I was just someone lucky and lazy to not work so I started to talk like it was now a serious conversation for something important coming up. That man was also gorgeous, not drop dead gorgeous but far from ugly. When he was almost done he took a break and while we were talking a fire started. I started to freak out saying not again and that fire destroyed everything except the unfinished safe. Dad appeared and he was shocked and almost blamed me for that fire, he went in when the fire was still burning a little, I saw that the water puddles (do not recall firemen coming there to put it out but i recall me or/and someone else trying the garden hose) were boiling so I warned him but he still walked near and even a little on it. I sat on a sofa that was outside near the cute man and I was crying and even feeling bad for him because he had worked for nothing. He was feeling bad for me but too shy to make a move so I did it by putting my head on his closest shoulder.