I remember two dreams.

I finally made the move to get away from my parents. They were in the house so I sneaked out of the house, called a taxi when far away enough from the house and asked him to go where I thought was a bus stop. I told the taxi driver what I was doing and I had the impression he would track down my parents and tell them where I was. When I arrived at the destination I realised it was not a bus stop so I went inside a business and asked where it was, one man asked me which one because there were two because there were two bus companies and I said which one and him and the other man did not know where that one was. The man who asked me really wanted to help me and while he was trying to do that the other man told him that his shift was about to start again because it was 16:00 soon but he completely ignored him. Then what I remember is that I rented a room in a motel to hide from my parents until I was in a bus or train and they were driving around trying to find me.

All I remember is that Brigitte (she used to be my best friend) was in it.