I remember one dream.

I was in high school but wanted to transfer to another one and was denied. I decided to go to the school that denied me to learn why. That school was right next to the one I was going to, I had to walk through a crowd of many students and then when I was at the big doors that went in the other school most of them were freaking out because nobody except those who worked and went there could enter but I did. That school was huge but almost completely empty. There were a few classes that had like one or a few students. I came up to a student that looked to have been bullied, I went to him and he would not answer me but he was bloodied a little bit so I took care of him (cannot remember how) then I asked around to find the principal and I finally found her (she looked like the middle child in Full House - well it was her all grown up). She kept walking fast trying to look busy but I followed her and kept talking to her, by that time there were more people in that school. I do not remember if it ended like that or if there were more to the dream.