I remember four dreams.

I was on a train. We were two by rooms and each had a side to him/herself. In my room we were both watching television and the next room too. Liam Neeson was in that other room that I entered to close their curtains because that light was coming in ours. Then I was walking around, it looked like we were not on a train anymore but we still were. Liam was not far from me, I was looking for something (a tool i think). That's all I remember besides that it looked like several buildings were close to each others and that the outside was for all these buildings.

A man was standing naked and there were a lot of people around. I came out of nowhere then started to give him a blowjob. I was talking to him sometimes too and said that maybe I would get naked soon.

My parents had decided to sell the new house eventhough we had not been there a whole year. Before that they wanted to start big renovations and I told them it was not needed and that since we did not have enough money left for all those renovations they wold have to borrow and then be in debt again. They told the agent that they would not accept below the amount they had paid and they were warned that if they would get it it could take a long times. When they were signing papers I told them that if they would of did what I told tem to do which was to rent an apartment and that after the insurance was all done with to then start finding the perfect house that would not of happened. A woman was interested in the house but she saw repairs that should be done and mom was agreeing with her. The agent was often in the house in addition of other people visiting and I felt trapped and not in my own house because of that. I went in my room to find some clothes and the agent was right there and I was acting like I was alone and that the big pile of clothes laying there was normal.

I was part of a group of soldiers in a car going to a spaceship to then go on an important mission. A few cars were coming out of nowhere trying to push us off road. Planes and helicopters were following us to try to protect us and at least one car too was protecting us, they/he/she ran off road a car that wanted to attack us. We then arrived and our boss was asked if we accepted the mission and that when he did we could not turn back and he said yes then the man who asked repeated that and pushed a button. We came out with our things and entered the spaceship. We each had our place and we also had been asked to pick people to accompany us, one man had picked a few hot women and I had picked a male nurse that was hot, that made one soldier laugh and I was laughing to. When there was half an hour to go I put on some dance music then started to jump screaming and the other soldiers joined in too.