I remember three dreams.

I only remember that Tom Cruise was there, I also remember him at one point being completely shocked with a face that said that he had no idea what was going on and one person was there too at that point.

I decided to go walking. It was beautiful where I was, there was water and trees all around. At one point I had to grab a tree branch to turn around because otherwise I would of ended up in the water and at when I did that a man who was tall came from a store and walked behind me. There was a lot of people around. After that part there was water that was on rocks but I decided to keep on walking there (that water was less than 1 inch up), I had sneakers on and I think my pants were jeans so not comfortable but I kept walking with a smile on my face. For some reason before arriving at a place (where people were swimming) I decided to act like I was searching for my brother (i had been walking for more than 1 hour by then), after a few minutes of searching and even calling his name (i think he had a different name in that dream) I took my phone out (before i was touching it without taking it out) and I hit numbers that I knew nobody would answer and then I started talking asking where is he then he answered and I said wow you stayed home and he replied a few things, by then it was like all along I really went there to get him.

I (or maybe it was not me - at 1 point i could not see me but im sure it was me and that i also did not look like me) and a few other people were looking at RVs but they were looking like fancy caravans from the cowboy times and even maybe before then. I (or someone else i thought was me) explained that last year during Winter we had frozen and we did not want that to happen. We picked out one that was not too big but was totally equipped with a full kitchen and bathroom plus it had a satellite dish. I or someone else put a Horse in front (yes that was me in that dream i just remembered) but I immediately regretted it because we would have to use streets with cars on it. The Horse did not go fast but thankfully there were no cars and quite fast we ended up in the forest where we would stay a few months like the year before.