I remember one dream.

I saw Maggie with Arnold was playing and I said that I wanted to see it. Then I was watching it, the scene was him writing a letter to his parents knowing that they would never get it and that they were probably dead (never saw that movie in real life). Then he had a son (teenager) and they were both painting something, he (Arnold) decided to paint his letter then like it was on a wall with also a tree. I was then there and either wanted or was supposed to do it to paint too or I became his son, I asked a question about what the painting was and he answered me. Then we became surrounded by a gang of humans (i think they had someone we loved), a woman from that gang entered our home that was a little bigger than cabins in the woods are normally like (do not remember how she get in), she was sad because she did not liked how they turned out but did not know if she would help us or do nothing or join them back. We let that woman be alone in a bedroom (she was like Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad) and we both armed with guns separated and soon started to shoot and get them. I ended up near a window (by that time the house seemed bigger and we seemed to be in the city - when i got to that window i could see a city street) and I thought I had someone lined up without being noticed but he started slowly singing a song to taunt me but still being in front of the window so I easily got him. Then at another window someone was talking and looking in that window so I shot him but after hitting him I saw that he was just a normal human being and while I was apologising two others appeared and he was smiling because he fooled me but he was shot multiple times and before I was the one shot I shot the two others and I think him again too.