Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember five dreams.

I was a business woman and went to a business meeting in another city. I was staying in a motel but it looked like an hotel. The last morning before I went away I decided to have my breakfast in my room so I ordered one, when it came in and I looked at it it looked disgusting. There was three things all put around the plate and nothing was in the middle. Scrambled eggs that looked dry, some kind of half potato and half mushrooms and (dont remember the last thing). I tried the half potatoes and half mushrooms and they were so disgusting, I just decided to not eat breakfast.

I went to a shopping mall then decided to eat at a restaurant before leaving. The place where I was seated was very far from the restaurant. After I was done I was getting my things after getting up and my server thought that I was going to leave without paying so she hurried to me with the check, I asked if they accepted interract and she said yes. I went to pay (i for some reason thought that it would not be accepted...maybe the stress of someone thinking that i was a thief).

I went to a construction store (sorry cannot remember how they are really caled....its like a Rona or Home Depot store). I only bought one small thing. An old man came after me and that made me think that a neighbor of mine had asked for something so I asked if they had it, they said yes and went to get it for me and I paid for it.

I went here to talk about two dreams I had. I suddendly felt like noone wanted me here and that I would be banned. I erased a few things then wrote what I thought everyone would like. I could feel and see the presence of a woman who was the creator or person in charge here.

I was taking a shower and my dad came downstairs to come into the bathroom. When he saw that I was in there he just stayed in front of the door.