I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with a submarine that had bad people in it who did not speak a language that I speak but I and a few people successfully entered it, I also remember thinking it would be nice to only live underwater and that we had food for at least months.

I was going after a man. I found someone who knew where he was in a garage and beat him while screaming at him where he was. There were witnesses who were Brad Pitt and at least a few of his kids but I did not care because I had to find him because a child who he had kidnapped. The man finally talked and I broke both his legs with a bat before going behind the garage to see if there was a working car there. It was a junk yard so only old cars but I saw one sport car that was old but when I opened the driver door I saw that it was dirty but that it could actually still work. So after realising it was still working I was going to go there driving it like it but Brad Pitt and one of his older boys started to clean it for me, I took a wipe and started to get the dust out the seats. The boy found the stereo system and made it work. That's all I recall.

We were in a plane that had people who had to take turn flying it to get their driver's license. Tom Cruise was in it and he realised that Katie Holmes was one of the people waiting for their turn. People were excited to have him there and he started to talk about how flying was very easy to learn that he even helped a eight years old girl get her license at her first try, that was a jab at his ex wife because she had tried and failed so it was at least her second try. Suddendly the plane was going down so he took the control of it, he had a lot of trouble and he had enough control to not crash it (at 1 point we all ended up underwater in a huge pool). I remember us all having landing then I was alone in an hospital and I went on the top where I was calculating how long the roof was and how fast I could run and depending how fast I was going to run at the end of that roof I could fly (i just remembered me flying at 1 point in that dream before that part), people came and thought I wanted to jump and I immediately told them that I was new at the hospital and starting the next morning (it was night) but that I wanted to come and visit to be more comfortable with the surroundings at work. They all believed me and we started talking then I asked what was the length of the roof then after the answer I asked how fast could someone run that length and they or some started to debate that. I remember running it all then jumping and flying. That's all I remember.