Lori ((Hugs)))

Yes, that's about well I think almost exactly what I felt the dream was presenting me.

What's more is I wrote down my own words trying to get specifics and used the words "Christ-like" twice, actually. I thank you for the affirmations, so much.

The following night my dream consisted of a flock of sheep. I reached for them but the sheep knawed my fore-arms, hard, but they didn't break skin like the paranhas were able to.

The sheep again like the fish had both white and grey coloring, patches to them. The sheep patches, the fish, stripes.

In the end I feel as if all things are simply in their purest forms, positive or negative in the strong form, but the ones where it's a little bit of both...I feel intuition, dreams and the sort help to give direction to which way you'll go.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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