I remember two dreams.

Rocky was in at the back of a jeep and another man was in front behind the wheel. He wanted (or both wanted...barely remember that dream) me to get in, he was The Scorpion King and I wanted to get in but said that his movie was PG13 and that I hated that because of no gore and he grabbed me and put me inside the jeep.

I was in a game with a family of four (mom, dad, teenage son, young son) in a museum (kind of like National Treasure..the movie), I had taken the upstairs part and they were downstairs. They had found the first clue and that game started to get on my nerves, when they were about to find the treasure I took off a real gun (before that i was shooting with a fake gun at the clue trying to destroy it) and killed them all starting with the young son then the parents and the teenage son. I went downstairs, they were all dead except the teenage son who had the clue. I took the clue all happy with absolutely no remorse about killing that entire family.