I remember four dreams.

It had to do with my mastercard.

Someone wanted to install a workout bench. Someone else came in and said that mixed with some type or weed or flour and all mixed up will install that bench. The other person of course laughed it up. So the first person tried to install it by following the directions and the other put all the things in a big barrel then put his mixture and mixed it all up.

It was like an enchanted place out of a Disney story. It was a big family with many children that had their friends over often. A woman who was working there tried to kill one of the girls who happened to be a child of the parents, she tried while tricking them into singing when they were coming back through a beautiful path and what looked like leaves were falling but if they would of touched someone that person would be dead. So she got fired. That girl along with a friend were out waiting for the school bus when they received a message, it was that evil woman trying to trick them into taking another bus. The girls both agreed to do it but at the last second the friend said we should be going back home and the girl agreed.

An astronaut would fall until his death in the universe (cannot remember if he [it also could of been a woman - maybe even me] was in his suit or something else that was small). Something else was following that astronaut and it was some type of switch that people back on Earth had decided to turn on once in a while so that astronaut would not feel so alone. Sometimes it was playing music sometimes something else and at the end it provided sex.