Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams.

A tall young woman was for some reason afraid that her breasts had disappeared or that something else that is bad had happened. She was glad to see her breasts were still there and like they were. She was saying while having nothing on there that her breasts were small but they were firm and cute, she even tried to put one of her nipples in her mouth to suck on it and at the start she was not able to and she said very sad that before she could do that then she tried again and she was able to do it. She was getting ready for work then decided to go meet with a politician either then or after so she opened what I think was the drug cabinet in the bathroom and pulled out a transparent top which seemed dirty and after putting it on she put on another top that was not transparent. The people there said to her why are you going to go see him, what is wrong with you is is a dirty politician with no morals (John Edwards was the politician).

I had adopted a Tiger. I also was now living on an island so I prepared it so that noone would be able to enter that island and that we would have all that was needed to live and survive while being very comfortable. The Tiger quickly grew and we seemed to be living a great life.