Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember (forgot the first for a moment & the second is slowly going away) three dreams.

There was a zombie invasion. It was the beginning where most of the people were trying to get away. I was calmly walking with a plan in my mind but then I saw two little boys, one was barely walking he was so young and the other was barely five years old it looked like. The older took his younger brother in his arms and right then I decided to take them with me. I took one in each of my arms and walked until I had found a house with noone in it that was far from the city. There was still electricity but I tol them to not use it until all the windows in those rooms were completely shielded so that if people or zombies were to walk by they would think that house was completely empty. We stayed there and ate. In the morning I found a boat, put lots of food and other needed things in it and the plan was to find an island to go live there. I thought that zombies could not swim and I was right because lots of them arrived and they did not entered the water to try and catch us when we got away with the boat. The boat was not with a motor so I was the one paddling since the two boys were too young.

I moved in an appartment with an old friend. The downstairs neighbor was a cute man that was nice. We had a budget of two checks, one with more than sixty dollars and one with more than forty dolars (that was after all the rent and stuff was paid). I did a budget where with only using the bigger check we could get food without being hungry and take the other check and put it aside for emergencies (we also moved there with extra food and other things so that made it easier to do what i came up with). At night people came to me and said that I could have sex with Beyonce, in my dream I hated her just like I hate her in real life but I went there. She told me to enter a room and that she would be there soon but in that room there was a man waiting. It was supposedly a very famous rap star but I had never heard of him. He was in the dark and when I saw him he was ready in bed, he was old so I refused and before I wentback to my appartment he said that if I did not sleep with him that people from another planet would take over. The cute nice neighbor came to see me when I was back home and he told me that it was true (cannt realy remember the rest eventhough the dream ended soon after...the neighbor was either 1 of the invasion people or he was working to help us win...or something else).

My dad came to ask if I finally was ready to let one of my cousin come and see what I had done with my rooms. I said without really meaning it that he could come today. I finished doing something on the computer then went in the kitchen to eat. When he arrived it was my old friend (same as the earlier dream) and she came to visit because it was my birthday. I asked her if I could finish because I was almost done and she said yes.