I remember one dream.

It was a school but a school for kidnapped, brainwashed and enslaved kids. What they had to do depended on what teacher they had. They were all dressed the same and all in white. They also had to take pills every day, when they were taking the pills they were checked by their teachers some just looked and one in particular who was the worst would look inside the mouth to see if the pills were taken or not. One child had stopped taking the pills and one time his teacher found it strange when he was looking at him taking the pills so he looked inside and saw that he did not swallow the pills. Before being punished he made a speech about how he had stopped months ago but that he was still there and that he had not changed his behavior and had not tried to escape which meant that these pills were not needed, eventhough he ended that speech with an attitude and saying duh he and the rest of the teachers believed him. While eating he started to say to the others that they would soon escape, most of them were shocked and afraid but they were listening.