Hi Yvonnie, here are my thoughts regarding your dreams:

Dream one: It appears that both you and your ex-boyfriend are doing well since the split. You're both simply getting along on your life journey. Someday, either here in the physical or in the spiritual world, you will acknowledge the reason for having spent some time together, understanding the value of your interactions.

Dream Two: Because you are taking a cruise in real, waking life, this dream could be a reflection of your subconscious fears or worries about the coming trip. As you prepare to go, you realize that you forgot your jacket which is a symbol of protection. You want a barrier or protection on this trip either from your in-laws or any trip-related dangers and so you risk missing the trip to get it.

Your home became a seaside community filled with docks, piers and shops because you yourself are filled with possibilities. Docks and piers symbolize points of departure and arrival. Many journeys to be taken. You are enamored by the potentials and the choices you have in life.

You have to be reminded about the (possibly emotional) trip with your in-laws. You're willing to let your in-laws go without you but you remember your children are on the same trip so you do what you must do to catch up to them.

To me, Yvonnie, this seems to indicate that you have a lot of wonderful musings going on in your inner world, that you are contemplating your possibilities, deciding what to choose (stores) for your life experience. Alas, your family demands beckon and you join them, leaving your own interests behind for a while.

Dream three: This dream seems to indicate that you are feeling rather good about yourself thesedays. Open. With a lot of inspiration flowing unto you. And perhaps powerful in some ways.

You might be harboring some subconscious fears about your three-year-old, that as she can meet with earthly danger. That you may not be able to guide or protect her *all* the time and that something may happen. She might not be able to express her hurt or her feelings and although she may "bounce" back from this, she will be slightly different for it.

Those are my feelings about your dreams.

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