Last night, I dreamed that I was in a dressing area with a lot of young women who were preparing for some sort of beauty contest. But I didn't have the right shoes.

They kept telling me that the judges wouldn't give me any high marks if I didn't wear white shoes with my white outfit. I tried to jam my foot that had a clear acrylic and and pink sparkly shoe into a stunning-looking black shoe but of course, it wouldn't fit. So I decided to go and get the right shoes even though I might miss the pageant.

I ended up missing the pageant but there was another pageant with no other contestants. It seemed to be some sort of special showing. I went ahead and entered even though it seemed a little lame. My clothing was weird and ill-fitting. But I pointed out to the judges that I had written an essay in a magazine and they judged it to be amazing. LOL. Other contestants wanted to enter when they saw there were so few entrants. My dream ended with the judges all praising my writing and it appeared that I was going to be the winner in this very odd contest.

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