Spent seven hours and thirtynine minutes in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream.

I was in a real life Mission Impossible movie. I was in it and so was Tom cruise, I did not look like myself but it was me (i looked like that blonde actress in the show The Big Bang Theory). He came to my rescue, I ended up in the headquarters looking at the end of his mission with the others, he got killed but turns out it was not true, on the screen it showed a picture of a man and then a dollar amount that was stolen from them then the computer changed the picture to his and said his name meaning that he was still alive and that he stole that money (before all that he was accused of being crooked and then [or before being accused] he asked for a vacation that was denied). When I was putting all my things in a box a man that hated him came to taunt me, he was speaking Japanese and before I left (i was ignoring him all that time until then) I spoke Japanese to him, he was shocked because he did not think I spoke that language. I left and we ended up together.